Time Management

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Would you believe it's a hand writing in a planner while the other hand holds a phone?

The Path Toward Real Estate Success: Time Management

Time Management
Joshua Smith
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Time management does not exist.

You cannot manage time.

You cannot control the fact there are 24 hours in a day or 168 hours in a week.

BUT what you can control is your “choice management,” or how you choose to use your time.

Here Are Some Quick & Effective Tips:

#1: Wake up one hour earlier than you have to and spend that hour planning out your day.  What you are going to do? When you are going to do it? etc.

#2: Before you end each day, spend a few minutes reflecting on everything you did and see what you did that was not necessary. Then reflect on what was necessary to see if you could have done anything to be a little more effective and efficient with your time.

#3: Utilize a calendar and make sure everything gets on your calendar. Google Calendar is FREE.

#4: Create a daily to-do list. During your morning planning, make a to-do list of all the important things you need to get done that day. You can do it on a piece of paper or use a great app like Wunderlist. 

#5: Once you have created your daily to-do list ask yourself, the three items on your list that would have the greatest impact on your business. Make sure those get done as early in the day as you possibly can. Make sure the most important items get completed.

I know by doing the above tips you are adding more to your plate. However, anyone who takes the time to plan and reflect on his/her day does not have a time management issue. I can assure you, these tips will quickly become a massive game changer and something you can’t live without.

Thanks for reading!

  Joshua Smith, Realtor/Mentor/Entrepreneur

-Voted 30th Top Realtor in America by The Wall Street Journal

-Over 5,000 Homes Sold & Currently Selling More Than 1 Home Daily

Joshua Smith May 15th, 2020
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